Hi everyone! I'm absolutely thrilled to open the doors to my whimsical world for you all to explore!
I'm Marta, a surface pattern designer and illustrator living near the vibrant city of Milan, Italy.
With a background in brand management and international marketing, I transitioned back to my passion for art several years ago, and embarked on a fulfilling freelance journey in this industry.
Through this opportunity, I gained experience in managing client relationships, refining my professionalism and organizational skills, recognizing the significance of meeting deadlines, and  collaborate efficiently within a team.
Specializing in whimsical characters and storytelling, I create art for children's toys, games, books, and more. Quirky characters, magic worlds and fantastic adventures are my favourite subjects to illustrate. I also love telling stories that can help children grow, learning self acceptance and kindness for people and environment.
I also design unique patterns for wallpaper, bedding, stationery, and home decor, not just for children but for all the young at heart.
 If you're an Agent, Editor, or Art Director seeking creative collaboration, I'm looking forward to your ideas and working together to turn them into amazing projects!
I welcome you to reach out to me via email:
You can find me also on Instagram: @martatal_art
All images are © Marta Talarico. Always respect artists' creativity. Please don't copy or steal my work! (it's illegal, by the way!) 
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